Classic Minis For Sale

  1. ** NOW SOLD ** Unique 1969 Morris Mini Van On 17800 Miles From New!!

    1969 H Morris Mini Van in Everglade green with original tan seats. This mini van was purchased new by an elderly lady who used it sparingly for 10


  2. ** NOW SOLD ** 2000 Rover Mini Cooper Sport On Just 26500 Miles From New

    2000 X Rover Mini Cooper Sport in the last edition colours of red and silver. Full leather interior with silver and black seats, an alloy effect dashboard and


  3. ** NOW SOLD ** 1990 Mini Cooper Fast Road Spec.

    1990 Mini Cooper the last of the carburettor Coopers in classic Almond green with an Old English White roof. This is a very special and well engineered mini


  4. ** NOW SOLD ** 1999 Rover 1.3 MPI On Just 10800 Miles From New !

    1999 Rover Mini 1.3 MPI in classic British Racing Green with contracting cream interior. The 1.3 MPI has the same running gear as the Cooper so is great


  5. ** NOW SOLD ** 1995 Mini Sprite With 70’s Cooper S Styling!

    1995 Rover Mini Sprite 1.3 SPI with MK 3 Cooper S styling. This great looking mini offers 70’s styling with the advantage of ‘turn key’ injection running gear,


  6. ** NOW SOLD ** Mini Cooper Grand Prix No. 17 of 35 and Just 23000 Miles From New

    1995 Rover Mini Cooper Grand Prix number 17 of 35 ever made at John Cooper Garages. This is the only metallic grey Grand Prix ever made and is


  7. ** NOW SOLD ** Outstanding Mini Cooper Sport On Just 4800 Miles From New!!

    1999 T Rover Mini Cooper Sport in Solar red with a white roof, bonnet stripes and mirrors. It has the full black leather seats and Rover CD player


  8. ** NOW SOLD ** 2000 Mini Cooper Sport on Just 15400 miles From New.

    ** COMING SOON ** 2000 V Rover Mini Cooper Sport in classic Red with White roof, bonnet stripes and mirrors. It has the factory option of full black


  9. ** NOW SOLD ** Unique Opportunity …. No. 1 of 35 Mini Grand Prix ** Owned By John Cooper **

    1994 Rover Mini Grand Prix Number 1 of 35 ever made. This mini was the press car and first registered to John Cooper himself. Being the first and