1996 MINI COOPER 35 1 of 200 UK Cars Ever Made for sale £16,495

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Title 1996 MINI COOPER 35 1 of 200 UK Cars Ever Made
Price GBP £16,495
Refcode TA1145041
Mileage (Miles) 14,800
Mileage (KM) 23,818
Colour Green
Gearbox type Manual

** NOW SOLD ** 1996 Rover Mini Cooper 35 in Almond Green with a white roof. This is 1 of 200 UK Cooper 35s ever made so is a very rare car. They made them to celebrate 35 years of the mini Cooper and painted them all in Almond green which was one of the most popular 60s Mini Cooper colours. This example was bought new by a retired lady who used it for the first 10 years of its life covering 12300 miles. During this time she had it serviced 10 times by the supplying Rover dealer and the service book is fully stamped to support this. It was waxoiled from new and always garaged so when it was sold to its next enthusiast owner he was amazed at the remarkable condition of the mini. The next owner then spent a small fortune on the car with lots of cosmetic and performance improvements. The interior was treated to MK 1 Cooper seats front and rear by Newton Commercial which today would cost £1700. It also received a lovely John Cooper / Motalita steering wheel and other period touches. The engine was then improved with an MED performance cylinder head, roller rockers and an LCB exhaust manifold with RC 40 exhaust. This resulted in a rolling road power output of 85bhp which was tested at Mini Sport. The brakes were uprated to vented front discs with Green Stuff pads and Mini Fins at the rear. Road holding was improved by new adjustable dampers, wider alloy wheels and 165 width performance tyres. The entire car was waxoiled again underneath and wheel arch liners fitted to the front to stop any mud and dirt getting into the wheel arch area. The end result of all of the expense and careful thought that has gone into this mini is a quiet, smooth and exciting drivers car that goes, stops and handles wonderfully. The history file is one of the biggest I have seen and details everything that has been completed and also shows the high level of servicing. There are past MOTs also to support the mileage of just 14800 miles in the last 23 years! This wonderful and very rare mini would suit a mini enthusiast who wants the classic appeal of a 60s Cooper but with the usability of an injection mini. This is a rare and special opportunity to own a very low mileage, quality, Mini Cooper which has been improved with great thought and care. Free delivery to your door in my enclosed van within 200 miles of Tiverton.

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** NOW SOLD ** 1996 Rover Mini Cooper 35 1 of 200 UK cars ever made. The Mini Cooper 35 was made to celebrate 35 years of the mini Cooper and was made in the period colour of Almond green as used on the MK1 Mini Coopers. It also had a white roof, bonnet stripes and mirrors and gives a fantastic period look but with a more modern injection engine. It has anthracite Minilite alloy wheels, colour coded wheel arches and 4 spot lights which where all standard. The interior has a walnut dashboard and lovely porcelain green leather seats with embossed Cooper logos and matching green steering wheel and gear knob. This example is in wonderful condition due to having a sheltered life and that most of its mileage was done in its early years. It had done 39700 miles in its first 8 years and has covered just 3000 miles in the last 14 years due to being a second car / toy. The total mileage to date is 42900 and I have a nice history file of past MOTs and service receipts. In the last 4 years it has had new tyres, brakes, suspension and fluids and now feels great to drive. The tyres are 165 wide which gives a better look and more positive cornering feel. It also has a Maniflow rear exhaust which sounds great and adds to the driving fun. The condition is excellent and to my eye it has never had any panels in 22 years. The interior is clean and in great condition and there is a modern CD radio. This model is always very popular due to the period colours and very limited production run. Rover made 200 for the UK and 1500 for the Japanese market so it is very rare to find a genuine UK car and also in this condition. Free delivery to your door in my curtain sided van within 200 miles of Tiverton. Please see the finance link above to see ways of dividing the cost of your new Mini Cooper 35.

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1998 Rover Mini Cooper Sports LE in Black with a white roof. This very special edition was based on the Sports Pack Cooper. The Sports LE featured a British Vita Racing Style side decal with a BMC style rosette and Mini Cooper logo on the boot. They were built to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Cooper victory in the four saloon car championship races on 1968. Only 100 were made 50 in Brooklands green and 50 in black making this one of the most collectable and rarest Mini Coopers. This example is in time warp condition and has covered just 32000 miles from new. After selling over 650 minis if I was asked to guess the mileage after fully inspecting the car I would say that it had covered under 10,000 miles. The secret to the condition is that it has always been a second car and has been owned by mini enthusiasts from new. It has mainly been garaged and driven in the dry which is why the underside condition is so clean. It was waxoiled underneath from new. To my eye it has never had any paint as all of the paint looks original. The interior condition is also very clean and very well cared for. Due to its sheltered life it drives very well and feels positive in the corners and accelerates strongly through the gears. It is factory original with the only changes being a new radio with upgraded speakers, a new exhaust rear section and adjustable height suspension. It has a nice history file from new inc all of the original hand over paperwork and order forms plus both sets of keys and a soft tailor made car cover with stripes to match! This is a very rare model and the condition throughout will make it an enjoyable and exciting car to own. Free delivery to your door in my curtain sided van within 200 miles of Tiverton. Please click on the finance link above to see ways of dividing the payment for your new Mini Cooper Sports LE.

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Richard Williams Classic Minis
  • South Molton, Devon
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  • Model: COOPER
  • Derivative: SPORT
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  • Mileage (KM): 11,104
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  • Currency: GBP

** DEPOSIT PAID ** 1999 Rover Mini Cooper Sport in classic red with a white roof, bonnet stripes and mirrors. The interior has factory fitted full cream leather seats with black piping, which are rare to see. It also has an immaculate walnut dashboard, leather colour coded steering wheel and alloy door furniture all adding to a wonderful, high quality interior feel. This rare colour combination makes this Mini Cooper stand out from others. The condition inside, outside and underneath is immaculate due to it only covering 6900 miles in the last 20 years! It drives very well and sounds lovely due to a recently fitted twin upswept Maniflow exhaust system as fitted to the S Works cars by the Cooper Car Company. It has recently had 4 new Yokohama A539 tyres and new adjustable suspension all round enabling you to adjust the ride height. I have a nice history file showing a good level of recent servicing, the original book pack and both sets of keys. This very clean and original Mini Cooper looks and sounds wonderful and should make a fun and enjoyable car for its new owner as well as an exciting future investment. Free delivery to your door in my enclosed van within 200 miles of Tiverton. Please also see the finance link on my website for ways to divide the cost of your new Mini Cooper.

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